Monday, March 2, 2009

Battle Version Reborn

After destroying the Battle Version rose joint. Rather than going back to stock lower control arms, I had to get another arm together. Even though Alex doesn't list AE parts anymore. He still has stuff lying around the shop. You just gotta ask him nicely and maybe throw him some Spam. As in Spam the lunch meat.

All I need to do was make the plates.

After a few calls and some begging and pleading I scored a lower control to go under the knife.

I could probably show a step by step on what to do but screw that, go to his website. Very simple and straight forward. You'll just need a chop saw and a welder to complete the project.

And I am done. Very sexy if I do say so myself.

One more thing I should add, which was not on the website. Is add piece of foam or rubber to seal the other end from the elements.
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