Friday, March 6, 2009

Rebuilding the strut housing.

Like the control arm, my strut housing had also gone south. So again it was time to make another housing. I had 2 available to me, but only problem was they were passenger sides and I needed a driver side.

Fortunately, Naoki was really working hard to findone for me and eventually found one he had laying around. It took him a couple of tries, but he eventually got it right. Though he was also the one who had 2 passenger side housings.

The modification will follow the same setup as previous, which is a 40mm cut on the housing. Which is the perfect cut for short struts, from TRD or using the front SW20 MR2 strut inserts. I'll be using TRD shocks this time around instead of the Koni shock. After about 9 years of rocking Koni's I think it's about time for a change.

The sleeve is measured 25mm/~1in from the top of the strut. This will located where i'll be welding the coil over sleeve perch.

Some cutting and welding and were done.

Thanks to;
Naoki @ driftday for finding the housing.
Taka @ driftpro for selling me some old TRD shocks.

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