Monday, May 30, 2016

Not really 4AGE


Produces similar power to 4age but with half the cylinders and 600 less cc’s.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So long crimson zed


It’s time to move on, you’ve overstayed your welcome and it is now time to return to your rightful owner.  Being a 260Z, I could have easily mistaken you for a 510, since you’ve nickel and dimed me of time and resources.  Some day I may own one of your siblings, though i’ll forego the Nissan L series motor and probably drop in a Chevy LS motor for simplicity sake. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ice Cold?


R12 is a rarity nowadays, and those who retain the system install the readily available R134.  I have installed this refrigerant in numerous cars, my own included, with marginal results.  Interesting that ads I see for similar cars always say ice cold A/C.  What the hell is wrong?  But then again it’s craigslist, it’s all lies.  I’ve even tried varying amounts refrigerant, using the high tech shop equipment, but never can obtain the results I require.  The usual rule of thumb is about –30 deg from ambient temp.  I usually end with approximately –10 deg.   Not bad but not great.  One solution is to change to a larger condenser and/or change out the expansion valve suitable for R134.  But I like stock, so the only other option is to look for a more suitable refrigerant that will work with the current system.  So that’s will be the hunt for this summer.  Hopefully summer won’t be over before I find a solution.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An odd night

AE86 nights_04-16-16_00

This setting, reminds me of a movie I once saw on TV.  Though the cars here are in rougher shape and style, than what I saw in the movie.  Don’t expect Bow Wow is going to cruise by in his bB. 


AE86 nights where most things corolla make their annual pilgrimmage.  The last time I was here, it was held near Longo Toyota’s service entrance.  Now it’s held in their parking structure.  Very different but interesting. 


AE86 nights_04-16-16_21

Haven’t really kept up with the automotive scene as of lately, so I’m like a tourist trying to understand the latest fashion.   So is adding these types stickers a new thing? 

AE86 nights_04-16-16_19

Years ago it was about representing the club/teamweather it be fo’ sho’ and race, yeah really did both.  Just like in the movies. Or the uber cool parts manufactuer, cause that’s all they can afford.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_20

Team Hella flush hentai.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_03

Corvette style wheels on an MK1 MR2.  For some reason, i’m digging it.  It’s not an LS motor but i’ll do.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_25

Moar sticka, it seems to be the theme for this event.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_16

Reminds me of the JGTC AE86 years ago.  Was this a kit or custom made?

AE86 nights_04-16-16_17

Owners come in all ages.  But most only last a few years before they realize it’s ruining their lives.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_14

As usual, it’s good to see old friends who still have a genuine passion for the AE86.  Kudos for keeping this meet going.  Maybe when I stop being lazy picky, i’ll get another corolla in the stable.  I think next years sticker should probably say’ fanboys ruining corollas’ and show the same pic. 

AE86 nights_04-16-16_08

Until then mooowaaa stiiiikkkaaaa.