Thursday, September 30, 2010

New plate


I've been running this booster eliminator plate for a few years already.  But running no booster was a very sketchy process.  It required more driver alot more input since the power assist has been eliminated.  There was a few things I could have done to rememdy this issue.  Do more power squats.  Change the master cylinder and/or brake calipers.  Or reposition the master cylinder.  I decided to reposition the master.

As you can see by the plate, it has extra openings since I was experimenting with the brake actuator rod position.  This was one of many plates I experimented with until I found the best positon that provided good pedal feel and provide the force required to stop the vehicle confidently.  But experimenting with what worked best created this gigantic hole that sits behind the down pipe.  It's good for those nice winter drives since it'll send heat my way.  But since i'm in socal, cold weather is short.

So I finally decided to make a plate to eliminate that hole.
Done.  Too bad summer is over.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AE86 Tech# 86-19: Blown gasket

As AE86 gets older and the 4AG racks up the miles, maintenance becomes apart of the routine.  There will be a time when the headgasket will finally take a bow.  For most owners, you'll either do it yourself cause you like getting dirty or just don't have the funds to take it to a shop.  A small tip for you first timers planning to attempt a headgasket.  Take a look above. Do you know what wrong with this picture?  It's not because the block is grabber green. Some of you may have already picked up on it.  But for the green techs let's take a look at what's going on.  Upon closer inspection you'll see a few things that are off.
The opening for the oil drain is definitely in the wrong spot.  Also the edge of the gasket should be flush with the edge of the block.
Here's another look from the front of the block.  Notice the over lap of the gasket from the front of the block.  And yes that's one thick cylinder head gasket.
Since there's no markings on the head gasket directing which is top or bottom. As you saw in the very first picture, the gasket can fit either way.  So make sure all the holes line up.  Not just head bolts and the cylinder bores.
But if you come across a big oil spill on the drive way, after you just completed your cylinder head gasket change, you may have installed the head gasket the wrong way.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

The company picnic

Having it at Disneyland is the best.  Full access from California Adventure to Main St.  And stuff your face with a free lunch.  I hope they do this again next year cause I didn't even get to run in all the rides.

Soarin over California is my favorite, it's so simple.

The Incredibles my favorite movie.  And you probably thought it was Cars.

After all that I was hella tired and feet were killing me.  But it was all worth it.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

21st Route 66 Rendevous: The Stragglers

The day after Sevenstock 13, I headed out to San Bernadino for the annual Route 66 Rendevous.  A 4 day event bringing vehicles of all types, mainly big bad early american domestics.  You may see a sprinkle of europeans here and there.  The asian imports were locked in the bathroom never to be seen.

Since it was the last day of the event, I was treated to just the stragglers of the event.  Usually the streets are packed with cars either parked or cruising up and down the street.  But there was enough for me to enjoy and snap a couple of pictures of the event.

Next time i'll make an earlier trek to really see what Route 66 Rendevous is all about.  For more info on the event click here.

And for the rest of the pics follow this link
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Racin' Datsun Wagon

Swiped from racing on the cheap blog
I've been trolling this blog for quite sometime just reading the owner's race car build (an early Datsun 510 wagon) from the ground up. I must say it was one fantastic ride.  Nothing super fancy or exotic, just a couple tricks here and there.  Just a no nonsense racer for the racer.  If you want to more about his build click on the blog on my blog roll: Racing on the Cheap.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rotor heads unite: Sevenstock 13

The annual gathering all things rotary at Mazda headquarters in Irvine, California.  Once again i'm here with no RX3 in hand.  Oh well maybe next time (yeah right).  As usual it's a pretty good show w/ lots of clean an interesting cars.

This always reminds me what i'm missing on my burger.

Here's an interesting concoction.  A hacked up Volkswagen with a shoe horned with a rotary engine.  Upon closer inspection, this people's car is converted from rear engine to front engine rear drive vehicle.  It looks to be a street legal vehicle also.  Who would sport such a thing?  I would with pride.
 Even saw a few Toyota corollas lurking around.

A rotary powered sleeper

And one who built these headers.

Gotta love TE37V

Ready to go home, oh man i was so tempted.

Weather was great that weekend, which made for a great show.
Click link for the rest of the pics
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Monday, September 20, 2010


I was planning to have drop the motor in the Force Ube Corolla.  But as usual I get preoccupied with other things.  Needed to change out the brakes on the Big Red F150.  Since the brakes on this thing suck.  I went with an upgraded brake pad.  This time using a ceramic compound that's supposed to be good with heat.  We shall see how it goes.

While i'm at it, why not repack the bearings.

It's nice not to have pack these things by hand.

All nice and tidy and ready to rock!

This weekend was also time to visit a few shows
 Something just isn't right

Sevenstock 13 in Irvine Ca.


mmm.  beer
Route 66 Rendevous in San Bernadino.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mazda Design

Looks more like a promo video rather than a commercial from Mazda. I actually enjoyed watching it. Though I wonder if RX7 fanboys think this will be next evolution of the "7". Just move on fellas.

Speaking of RX7, this weekend is Sevenstock.  Where RX7s and their illegitimate children, gather into one huge sausagefest. 

And yeah you'll probably see me there.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do I want one?

Porsche, as beautiful as they are and a hoot to drive.  They just suck to work on.  I can see why their mechanics are well paid.  Example: To gain access to the spark plugs requires removal of the gargantuan 295 wide tire, and the muffler.  Note, you gotta do this twice.  6 cylinder boxer engine kids. 
Normally, I dislike these types of cars (mid/rear engine) due to the difficult in doing the simplest of maintenance, but getting a taste of a GT3 RS can change your mind. 
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is it a sin?

Modifying ones tools. I'm usually adamant about purchasing the tools to get the job done right. Back when I was turning a wrench for a living, I always took notice of the more experienced mechanics with their modified tools. These were modified Snap-On and Mac tools. Back then, I never could bring myself to do such heinous acts. Since I was still paying for mine. And for those who don't know, those tools are definitely not cheap.

Since I was trying to finish my project. I searched around for something that may get the job done without success. So I did the unthinkable. I took a spare wrench I had laying around, and did a bit of grinding.

Here's the modified (left) and unmodified tool.

Here's modified tool fitting in some tight areas.

Just like my car parts, I'm accumulating duplicate spares of tools without realizing it. I'll have to take inventory cause I can't seem to remember what I have anymore.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New flange

Since I had everything out, I wanted to get a nice turbo oil drain flange, cause I do like the bling. So went to my friend eBay, I was searching something similar, to what I currently have but shinier,and this is what I picked up. So I ordered it asap, I was in a rush to get the engine installed this weekend. Since they were local it shipped out quick and got it by Saturday. It's not super crazy quality, but also not a bad item. Wish I had my own CNC machine then I could design and make it all in house.

When I received the package, it was a bit thicker than I expected and was afraid of some fitment issues. Just needed to re clock the center section to clear. Notice how really close to the turbo exhaust inlet flange.

Here it is all thrown together. If you haven't noticed, this is an oil drain nipple from the 4AG small port head.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my engine in just yet, bummer.
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