Sunday, March 8, 2009

AE86 Tip #86-7: Check ur stroke

Yet another simple use of the zip tie. Now that you got your suspension together and ready for some action, it would probably good to check the position of the stroke.

A very simple method of checking is to wrap a zip tie around the shock shaft. Install near the bottom of the the shock shaft at full extension. First we'll check when the car is not moving. This should give you an idea of where it's sitting at before you head out to the track. If it's too high, you lose compression travel and will kiss your camber plates. On the other end if too low, you lose rebound travel which could result in wheel lift and losing contact with the asphalt which isn't good when the whole goal of your suspension is to gain traction.

As shown with Moto-P's crude drawings from Club4ag

After a couple of hot laps pulling +1.0g corners at you favorite track, you may be wondering or maybe even suspecting that your suspension may be bottoming out. Using the above method take your car for another couple hot laps. Then park it and lift the car up. The zip tie will be pushed up, to it's highest point, as the suspension compresses. With this information you can decided weather you need softer/stiffer suspension or readjust the height etc.
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