Saturday, February 28, 2009

AE86 Tip #86-6: Cool Strut

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Replacing the struts with new inserts, it's a good idea to add some oil/antifreeze into the housing. Some of you maybe thinking WTF is this B.S. The idea of this is too keep the insert cool. The fast oscillations of the suspension creates a lot heat inside of strut. There is only air between the strut insert and the actual strut housing. So heat can't escape efficiently. If you ever seen a some discoloration on your shock shaft, that is an indication of heat building up in the shock. At first I used to use antifreeze as the cooling medium. Then I notice fluid loss when I open up the strut for some service. Probably due to evaporation. So i've switched to using oil, specifically ATF, as the main cooling medium. It doesn't evaporate and it just sits on the shelf most of the time.
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