Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pro Am: Final Battle

The date and location is going to be the same weekend as Red Bull World Finals. As far as I know it will utilize the same track configuration, with no changes, as the pro drivers that weekend. Which means 100 mph entries, no room for mistakes kids. Now comes the final preparations for my car to be Formula D legal. This time all cars invited will need to prepared according to the Formula D rule book. As a privateer, i'll be chowing down on ramen for about a month and a half.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend's regular Cars and Coffee meet was temporarily interrupted to make way for the annual pilgrimage of rotary fans from all over. The 11th year of Sevenstock was held at Mazda headquarters in Irvine, Ca. The last time I attended this meeting was a few years ago at the Mazda R&D center when I brought my 3 out. I didn't bring out the 3 this year since i'm lazy and didn't want to pull it out of storage. Yes I have alot of junk all over it.

I took mainly pics of the old school cars, since there's just a bunch of later model stuff and they just seem all the same to me. But don't fret, I tried to capture cars that caught my eye.

A very rare Mazda Cosmo. No wonder Jay Leno decided to pick one up for himself. There's just nothing else like it.

The rotary trucks.

Yes I like the old stuff.

Humongous flare RX 3, ready to do battle on the circuit.

A really clean RX 2. Hmmm... I do like the lambo doors.

Car and Driver series RX 2 race car. Owned by Jim Downing.

Beautifully done RX 4.

There were alot of RX 7's everywhere but here's a couple I took.

Shod with Work Meister wheels. Never seen a 1st gen with these kind of wheels and I like it alot.

One of many rows of FC3S.

3rd Gen showing support for the clean air crowd.

For some reason thoughts of Paul McCartney and Steve Wonder came to mind:
Ebony and ivory
Live together in perfect harmony
Side by side on my piano keyboard

Of course there were a couple frankenstein creations on tap.

Datsun 510 with a 13B turbo transplant.

Datsun 1200 equipped with an NA 13B.

Yes son, it's got turbo 3 rotor. Avoid this one.

The Diamond Star family couldn't resist the powers of rotary.

Dodge Col/ Mitsubishi Lancer

There quite a few interesting vehicles that were also roaming around the area too.

A Tesla roadster dressed like a ninja silently makes it's way through the Mazda parking lot unnoticed. Luckily for I was able to snap this before it disappered to the Mazda's underground garage.

A rotary power super duty, the newest venture between Mazda and Ford.

Say it isn't so. 2nd gen. RX7 sacraficing it's own hood to make a rear wing. With that let's close our tour of Sevenstock 11.

For more information for next year's event, please visit their website www.sevenstock.org

Other pics are available here

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Legend Paul Newman passes away

This morning while watching Formula 1 qualify and getting ready to leave for Sevenstock 11. I read the news that Paul Newman the actor, the race car driver, team owner and giving person has passed away at 83. Even though he worked as an actor, he was damn good at it too, he also had a passion for race car driving. Even as team owner, he still went racing. But after all that he's also had time to make food product line that bears his name, which all profits are donated to charities. My condolences goes out to his family and friends.

Here's my favorite commercial that happens to have Mr. Newman that I'd share with you.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Vitrual F1: Singapore

F1 Track Singapore

For the unfortunate few who can't make it out, especially me, to the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend. I present a virtual look of the track from the driver's perspective. Let's enjoy and root on our favorite drivers to victory!

Source: youtube

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barking at your front door

With the upcoming Singapore GP let's get riled up with the sounds of different F1 engines. Starting with a v12 to a v10 and ending with a V16. Though it's not as good as the real thing, but it still sounds amazing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something old Something new

I had a 1st generation Supra, Celica XX to the JDM geeks, rear end taking up space in the garage.  So rather than continue to trip over it, I decide to off it.  Just my luck, Darwin had a FRP hatch and was willing to trade.  Though it took about a few months to go through with the  transaction, it's was worth the wait.

Just picked it up.  The box didn't fit in my truck so i just took the hatch, which fit. Not really pictured, I got the hatch that doesn't include TRD spoiler. 

I don't really like the spoiler that much and all the fanboys have them.  I'll either leave as is for that SR5 look or i'll probably install some big ass GT wing.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Farewell Ueno

D1 driver Ueno has decided to retire his infamous JZZ30 Soarer, aka Lexus SC300, which started the next wave of fandom in the U.S. But unlike the Lexus it's equipped with the highly regarded 2JZ-GTE twin turbo engine. But don't think he's going retire himself, or jump the on the bandwagon with a Nissan S-chassis. There's already another car in the works. But it's not coming from the land of the rising sun. Can you say Fahrvergn├╝gen, yes it's coming from deutschland. That's Germany for those who still don't know. But it won't be a volkswagen that's for sure. It'll be a BMW (Bavarian Motor Werks) 335i coupe. From one kick ass car to another. But instead of working his magic on the original powerplant, his team at Car Make T&E will be dropping in the legendary 2JZ-GTE worked with his magic of course. Let's all wish Ueno luck for next year.

Source: Vertex-USA

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caterham 7

Last week, I assisted good friend Geoff in picking up his newest toy, Caterham 7. Well I let him use the trailer and insisted that I inspect the car. I've been a fan of the car for a few years already and hoping someday when funds are good that I can pick up a car like this.

The car itself was located in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where alot of filming for TV and movies take place. I found it very awkward, since the warehouse was very nondescript building I never would thought of picking up a car here. It was used in a pilot t.v. program and since filming was finished they needed to offload the car.

Here's a sample of one of the cars that being used for tv show. Diesel powered Jaguar, it's in the process of installation

Chevy truck, looks like '57, powered by electricity dropped with air bags. The picture sucks, but it looks bad ass in person.

With the car came a bunch of spare parts. Geoff made off pretty well.

Loaded up and ready to go. For the price, Geoff came out on top. Hopefully he can get the paper and get it tuned up quickly, so I can take it for a spin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get the JDM

With the up coming JCCS in October, what better way to show up in a real deal car from the mother land itself Japan. Ebay has 2 rare classics on their site.

Early model Skyline also known as Hakosuka. It's not a GTR but a replica. It's equipped with a L series engine that has been bored and stroked to 3.1L. Sporting the classic Watanabe wheels it sits very well. I wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe the motor.

This same seller also has an early Toyota Celica 2000 GT lift back. These cars had some resemblence to the early Ford Mustangs. Equipped with the venerable 18 RG. If the engine ever breaks down then just ask the old filipino neighbor he probably has parts the garage.

For the ebay ads click here for the Skyline and Celica.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remember your heritage Datsun!

To Americans in 1958, Japan was thought of a country that produced cheap transistor radios and toys. But this was about to change when Nissan Motor Company decides to set foot on American soil and sell a couple of automobiles under the Datsun brand. 50 years later and still chugging along, Nissan/Datsun has grown and taken its share of the automobile market. This long history leads me to Murrieta, California which is hella far from the comforts of Los Angeles, but is the location of the Datsun Heritage Museum. September 12-14 was the grand opening of the museum to the public. I opted to see this museum on the first day of it’s opening on Friday the 12th. Located in a nondescript building in an industrial area of Murrieta, kinda reminds of the Toyota Museum. Coinciding with the celebration of the grand opening, will be the be the birthday Yutaka Katayama aka Mr. K, El Presidente of Nissan U.S.A. What an awesome present. Happy Birthday Katayama san!

Upon entering we are greeted in a small office area, but the sign above the door says it all.

In the back is a warehouse where all the vehicles and memorabilia are housed.

It wouldn’t be a Datsun Museum without their most widely known vehicle, the infamous Z.

There was also an ultra rare, if not the only one in America, 1936 Datsun Phaeton. It’s amazing well it’s preserved. It’s even sporting Yokohama tires.

A very clean Nissan Patrol.

Which is even sporting Takata belts.

In this ad Roy Rogers, aka King of the Cowboys, owned one. As a kid, I used to watch reruns of black and white tv series.

The last 300ZX has also found its home at the museum.

Mr. K making sure no one steals his stuff or he'll cut you!

A real RHD Bluebird for all you hardcore JDM geeks. Though I would have to say the Phaeton would be the ultimate JDM cause no one can get it, unless you got some real cash.

There were many bits of memorabilia history here.

Though I’m not sure why this Zoom-Zoom button is here. I think that was a another automobile company slogan, which shall not be mentioned. But they make engines that go roundy round.

It would be cool if they had some captions on their pictures. I’m sure they have a story of their own to tell.
A small library is available if you ever need to do some research on your favorite Datsun.

Even if you don’t own a Nissan it’s definitely an interesting place to visit. For all you Nissan/Datsun owners, here is your mecca. To learn more please visit their website.

For the rest of the pics click.

Not 1600cc it's 1600+ hp

Found this on youtube, a turbo 4 rotor engine, displacing approximately 2.6L, making 1600+ hp. Damn, that's more than the 4AGE engine displaces. Maybe New Zealand drifter Mad Mike should drop this into his FD. Naw the sweet music of a naturally aspirated rotary at full throttle is just plain mind numbing. I wonder if this will into an RX 3.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greddy Bankrupt

Mitsubishi Evo X GReddy
Originally uploaded by exo_duz

Yesterday, I read Greddy has filed for chapter 11. Really sad to that it happened to a good company with great products. My first exposure to the name Greddy was with their Blue R32 Skyline demo car at Battle of the Imports @ LACR. Hopefully they can reorganize the company and return.