Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Next step

Since I didn't blow up at the Drift Social event.

It's time to set my sights at the next event.

Megan Invitational, i guess SexxxySlide felt sorry for me at Pro Am and decided invite to drive at this event. Or maybe he doesn't like me NOS also has walls.

Time for some basic maintenance on the car cause there's always something that needs to be attended to.

Lost a nut to the alternator, but it's a good thing cause the bolt is much more difficult to come by than the nut.

At first I thought the fitting for my oil cooler was loose, so I retightened it. But it's not the case. It's a very rare case of bad seal. Confirming with Ash, who used to work at Baker Precision, the seal between the swivel and the female end has decided to let go so I must purchase another one. He said I can't rebuild it. But the pinoy will find a way.

Still need an air filter

I found semi old twin power I had misplaced. Didn't get time to install it at the last event.

Had some time to pop the dent out of the car. Not great, but it was hard to get to with all the extra sheetmetal in the way.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't look at me.

Official seal of City of Cerritos, CaliforniaImage via Wikipedia

The city of Cerritos now qualifies for hella bad air quality. I think it's time the purple crayon goes into hiding.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A podium

My sunday morning routine before I go to church, I peruse many of the foreign websites since it's already monday in their neck of the woods. While reading hachiroku.com.au. I was very surprised to see Corolla has made a podium finish. Yoshioka's old coupe, which is piloted by a very aggressive Hibino, has taken 3rd place at D1Gp Rd. 3. It's days like this that makes me appreciate the corolla.

To read the rest of the story go here.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

AE86 Tech #86-11: TPS swap

Swapping throttle position sensors from the later model engines into the early model engines don't do anything performance wise (as far as I know, but what do I know) and may be a real waste of time. I began using later model plugs because they look cool and much easier to deal with. Unless you like running older model connectors (I really hate dealing with clips) or you live in BFE where all the old TPS are not available from your local parts store. But if you're like me and have nothing better to do than redoing your harness on a kit car or on a race car, this could be for you.

But rather than grabbing another throttle from pick your pocket part. We'll just use the existing throttle body, since RWD t'bodies have all the vacuum tubes and waterlines in the correct position.

As you can see the difference between the two plugs. Just like in preschool, the block cannot go into the hole.

And since the rheostat is 90 degrees off it's not a straight drop in.

Here's key to the whole thing. Note the early style is on the right side.

Old style
New style

Once done, reset the TPS. And you're set.

Oh I tried to do this trick on 20V t' bodies. It doesn't work so don't try.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eccentric tool

If you've ever browsed through tool catalogs like Snap-On etc. You'll always notice the odd ball wrenches they offer. If it weren't for some of the descriptions you'd never figure out what they were used for. Way back when I first started wrenching I would always love dropping in on the Snap On tool truck. Though I never got much, cause I didn't have much money to drop on a tool set. But like a kid in a candy store I'd just look to see what they have. They every now and then there would be odd ball things i'd like to get. For some reason I just notice these half moon wrenches and decided to get them. Not a whole set just what I thought I needed.

Everyone at the shop was like WTF, why did you get those. My answer 'One day i'll need them'. Over 10 years later I found a good way to use them.

My turbo setup, even though I tried to make it as easy as possible for removal and installation. It's still tight in certain areas.

As you can see one of the bolts on the turbo exhaust outlet is in a difficult area. Usually I'd have to remove the valve cover just to get the angle I need to remove the bolt. I could also used a stubby wrench, but usually this requires a lot of torque. Remember let's work smarter not harder.

Now with the half moon wrench that step is eliminated.

Finally this tool is paid for!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

AE86 Drift comp: Barely making it

At the last post, we last heard of our hero's computer crapping out on him. Still unknown what may have caused the problem. Luckily, I still had my old HKS piggyback system in the back. So in it went. Since it was a plug and play system, it should be and open and shut case. Wrong, once I got it up and running it really ran crappy. Now I was debating if i should swap the suspension and LSD into the stock car or bring the purple yam out to the event and see if i can figure this one out. As most who have attended the event, I chose the latter.

The car was like this for most of the morning

Unfortuantely, all morning I was trying figure out what was going on with the car. Running pig rich and sputtering all over place. Barely making any usable power. Fortunately some advice for good friends helped me figure out most of the issues. Enough that it was decent to drive, so instead of throwing in the towel, I prepared for battle.

The car wasn't it's best, I needed to keep clutch kicking/ feathering the clutch just to keep the car in the upper rpms and away from the rpm dead spot. It's like i'm driving an n/a 4ag. But it's all good, cause it just motivates to adapt and try harder, reason why I like corolla.

Anyways I was able to qualify. But was taken out in the first round. The SR powered corolla just walked all over me. But it wasn't because of that I lost. It was because I choked.

Anyways since I'm out let's check out some highlights

I think she should be the new spokesmodel for Red Bull.

Let's meet the judges for this event.

Taka A. : Corolla geek

Alex P. : In the closet Corolla geek

Brandon F: He does weird things to Corolla in the mountain

This is the guy took me out first round. Luc with an SR powered corolla.

Hi guys!

Tomas got distracted when some dood passed by?!?

Geoff trying to stimulate the car. I think it worked.

Here's a few pics from the day's battles:

The wild card for today was this guy

J Mac

Driving a very modest corolla worked his way up to 4th place. His skill never ceases to amaze me. His hair too.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I saw this chick who was holding a helmet that matches my car and had to have a picture of it. It so matches the style of my car. You know it's about lifestyle when you drift.

After the competition, it was time for some fun runs. After a couple of laps, something happened to the car and started idling high. I looked it over and thought screw it, it's o.k. Took a lap and realized the car is running great, no more sputtering and no dead spots in the RPM range. WTF?!

The day isn't over until I break something. But you know i'm going to try and use it again.

It was a great day overall but now it's time to pack up and head back home.

This band runs on Taco Bell: Make a run for th...Image by the Frankfurt School via Flickr

But first a stop at Taco Bell for some energy w/ some friends.

Thanks to all who made this possible it was cool to hang out with old friends and new. It's what being a corolla owner is all about.

For more cool pics of the event click here.

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R.I.P. another tool

It seems that the more work i've been doing in the garage, i've been breaking more tools. Now I sent to tool heaven and Blue Point die grinder. I don't how much I paid on the Snap on truck, and I don't really want to know. But it's years of service will not go unnoticed. Next time i'm gettng an Ingersoll Rand.

Just a little tease...

I'll post up when I'm not drooping over keyboard and have a clear fresh brain. Tire smoke is not good for the head.

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