Saturday, May 30, 2009

A message from our friends at Toyota.

I am Tundra from Toyota. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going off course

This weekend I was supposed to install the rebuilt cylinder head. Unfortunately the machine shop didnt' get it done in time so my stuff is on hold until then. But the neighbor decided it was time to paint the car. Since I had time to spare, I assisted with paint. Pointing out spots he missed and areas that needed more paint.

But let's start the festivities by quenching the thirst on this warm Memorial weekend.

After a beer and a few cans of spray paint we come up with this. And I have to say it looks hella hawt. For now I will keep it a surprise. You can peep this work of art at the drift social meet/competition and car show, which is happening on June 20th at the balcony.

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Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm not sure if i really like or hate this thing. Definitely a very unique mix. Taking a old Honda hatchback and stuffing a Toyota's supercharged 4AGE into the boot, ala Ford Shogun or Renault R5. Though I think it's just the looks of it just turns me off. It'll need a good drop and some gigantic fender flares to make it look cool. After looking cool, the reat of it should be taken care of since there looks to be a couple loose ends that need to be taken care of before it should be considered safe for bashing on the street.

This beast is up on ebay looking for a new owner here.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

AE86 Tech #86-10: Street port

Porting is something most do it yourselfers rarely tackle. Most seem to think it's a daunting task to take on themselves. While others want a professional to do it, but don't have the $$$ to shell out.

Since I'm already redoing my oil puking cylinder head, it's time I did a little port work. I'm not a pro, but i've experimented enough to take on this project myself. It's what I call a street port, since it'll be nothing close to what a full race port should be. If you want that you should give Hasselgren a call for the ultimate in 4AGE porting jobs. The street port entails the smoothing of the imperfections in the ports so that airflow is not greatly increased, but has more of streamlined flow into the cylinders.

You maybe thinking since i'm turbo i don't really need to do this, just crank up the boost and bam more power. Think of it this way, by adding a wedge in front of a brick like the battle wagon (Volvo 740 wagon) to streamline the airflow, you can increase the top speed and fuel efficiency of the car without upping the power output.

Anyways here's some areas that do it yourselfers can work on.

There's the traditional port match to the intake. Use the stock intake gasket as a template for the cylinder head and intake manifold. I believe certain racing groups like SCCA allow this type of porting to 1 in. from the flange surface. This should be a no brainer on how to do so we'll just move on.

The areas behind the valve seat usually have ridges that should be removed. If you have a cylinder head apart, run your finger around that area, and you'll know what I mean. It's a speed bump for air molecules, bumping into each other as they enter the combustion chamber. Clean up the area by removing the ridges until you can't feel the ridge.

Another area to look into is around the valve stem guide. You can see there's 2 little bumps on either side of the valve guide. Some maybe a bit sqeamish about entering this part of the port, so just leave this area as optional if you're not comfortable.

As you notice the areas I have previously mentioned are now cleaned up resulting in a more efficient flow of air into the cylinder head. I didn't take too much material to alter the port velocity of the cylinder head. Not too bad for a nights work. Now it's off to the machine shop to get the rest of head machined and ready for installation.

Well that's about it, at least for me. Anything beyond that we're taking about changing port velocities and flow rates. A steady hand and eye to is needed to keep the ports equal. A flow bench to make sure that flow rates are consistent between cylinders.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye of the Tiger. Do you have it?

Little intercooled turbo kei cars, narrow canyon roads, and torrential down pour. When the eye of the tiger gets in you there's nothing that will stop you from enjoying passions.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nascar all star showdown

Just watched the Nascar All Star race, definitely one of the most exciting race i've seen in a while. The format was different for the all star race since it's taking Nascar's top drivers and splitting the racing in 4-5 sessions. With last session setup for everyone to bring out the big guns. At first it was a bit on the laggy side like most typical Nascar events, but the last 10 laps was really something to see. Nascar should really start doing these type of Sprint races instead of the 500 milers they normally do. Definitely brings out alot of hard racing from the drivers.
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Head work

At the last drift day, I had thought that my turbo went south, making my drifts more smokey. But after furthur evaluation, I concluded that my little 4AGE cylinder head is the cultprit. So now I've decided to rebuild the head. While i'm at it do a little bit of porting. Nothing crazy since i don't have a flow bench nor cnc machine to assist me.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Take it from the pro


If you're new to driving or even had a couple of track days under your belt. Here's a video providing tips on improving you driving experience. Very nicely done, taking many things I picked up from many track day questions, into a nutshell. From grip to drift and maybe some drag it's a good watch.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Got myself another pair of stock fenders thanks to good friend D. The other fenders were borrowed so I could roll out to Drift Day a few weeks back.

Rather than rework the fenders like last time, I decided to keep them "stock". I just cut and ground down the inside edge.

This took only a few minutes to accomplish. Whereas rolling them will take about an hour each side. Though I still think rolling them out looks much better.

Bringing back sexy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend was really busy, being the good son that I am you'd think I'll doing the mother's day thing this weekend. Oh hell no, this weekend was spent at the Queen Mary at Long Beach for Toyota Fest 2009. Yes some of the nicest Toyotas you'll ever see were on display here. This year I didn't participate, I was was just a spectator. I was hired to bring a couple cars to the show for the shop I worked at. Here's a bunch of photos I took that day.

In the morning, while dropping off a car, I spotted this super beautiful Crown Masterline, japan only vehicle, brought to you from the guys at Mooneyes. Very cool to see up close.

A bunch of Scion's enough said.

Is this Tera Patrick's car, I heard she's really into Hello Kitty.

Lots of VIP cars on display.

If you remember Back to the Future this should bring back childhood memories. Hello McFly.
Even Hoshino makes a special appearance.

It's days like this I miss showing my show car off.

But I had to prepare for the next day's action.

Sunday was spent in the Balcony at Willow Springs. A me and a few ringers decided it was time to get some practice before next month's competition.




Even J-Mac made a special appearance. He hurt Steve C's car.

And we indeed practiced quite a bit. Hope the rest will be up to the task.

My day was done early due to broke turbo flange bolts, but I got in enough seat time. Don't worry I'm bringing the A game next month so watch out.

But the best part of the day was some cool cat trying to drift on the balcony handed me the keys go his Porsche GT3 RS to take for a spin. I'm definitely one not to say no. Giggling like a little school girl as I fired up this beast from the fatherland. After a breathtaking lap, i definitely need a smoke and someone to pinch me to make sure this wasn't a dream. The chance to drive a 6 figure Porsche doesn't come around very often.

What's funny is after watching us drift around the balcony, he wanted to buy a corolla. He even had the nerve to ask to buy the Yam. But I'd feel guilty if I sold my car to him. But if we traded I would feel as bad.

Well that's about it, I am still tired from yesterday and need some rest. For pics of the show click here. For pics of the track day will be here.

If you wanna drift with Speedventures please visit their site, maybe i'll see you there.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Nascar vs F1 engine tech

Tatra T603 EngineImage via Wikipedia

Weather you are a fan of either or both here's something for you tech heads out there. It's good reading and fascinating at how close they are. So for some of you who very ignorant in good'ol boy tech may want to take a gander at this. Note: it's quite a read so if you hate reading it may not be for you. But reading is a good thing so let's enjoy.

The Definitive V8

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

New hanger

After rolling with the new exhaust setup, I had a concern that the new mid pipe might be heavy for the down pipe. So I decided to take some used parts I had laying around and build a hanger for the mid pipe. Didn't take any pics during the build, but I must say that it worked quite well. It utilizes the stock donuts and stock hangers, this is where 'keep it, it's still good' comes into play.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AAA: Making automobile life a bit easier

The AAA logoImage via Wikipedia

American Automobile Association has been around for a long time and I've been a member for over 10 years now. I'd have to say it's an awesome experience. From days where I used to drive the track car to and from events, they've been able to take me home. To getting discounts for rental cars and hotels. Also having DMV services available. If you've ever been to the DMV you'll know the lines you have to deal with and I hate lines especially when you're juggling other things, like what to eat for lunch.

Anyways I had to swing by to get a new plate for the trailer. It seems that some one has swiped mine for what ever reason.

I guess I shouldn't be leaving my trailer at the boss's shop. But i'm not too worried at least they didn't take the trailer.

From check in to getting the plates took less than 10 minutes. Let's see if the DMV can do that for you.

And I did spot this clean Ford Mustang SVO, very 80's icon. Back when the domestic manufacturers wanted to make turbo's cool. They should've kept at cause now were seeing turbo scoobies and evos everywhere.

For more info on how to join visit their site

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