Monday, March 30, 2009

Redline TA Rd. 1

Time attack season has just begun, but yet i'm sitting on the sidelines. The first round of Redline starts off this past weekend at Buttonwillow. A place where the locals don't need shampoo. But the BBQ is one of the best i've tasted. I've got a splitting heading so let's keep this short.

We are greeted by the only AE86 pilots in the field. Orange county hooligan Steve C. and Andy (every fanboys dream) Y. and some random little girl who jumped into the pic.

Looks like Andy giving some guy the finger after passing in the straight. But he really wasn't.

Even MR2 maniac Super Pilun putting foot to ass in the AW11 MR2. He loves 13in wheels. I think he's been hanging around the lowrider crowd way too long.

The little girl we met earlier is also a great tire changer, but you'll need to ask Mr. Rodgers if you can borrow her. He'll probably cut you if you even dare ask.

There was even a couple of R35 Skylines testing their skills on the track instead of having coffee in a parking lot in Irvine.

Something not seen very often, Toyota Tercel.

Overall a great weekend, though the level cars wasn't too impressive. But I give props to all who participate and do their best. For the rest of the pics click here.

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