Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AE86 Tip #86-8 Safety is not the key

On thing i've always hated was the clutch safety switch. It's really for just tards who don't when they're in gear. I just find them plain annoying. If you actually work on your car it's plain annoying jumping in the car to press the clutch just to crank the engine over. If you actually own a ridiculous high performance clutch with really stiff pedal feel. You'll be saving your thrust bearings. Imagine starting you car in the morning and pressing the clutch. The pressure from the clutch goes to the thrust bearings on the poor little 4AG. What better way to accelerate the wear of the trust bearings. Bypassing this dirty little booger is very simple and requires very little materials and skill.

2 female spade terminals
1 short piece of wire

Wire cutters

Just make it look like this and you're pretty much set.

Install the jumper as shown, and you're done.
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