Monday, May 26, 2008

Specialist T #2

At the shop, there was this corolla race car that the owner acquired not too long ago. I've seen the car in pics online. It's hard to miss a spoon colored corolla. I never truly knew the history of the car itself. On Club4AG a driver by the name of Scott Webb had posted an in car video. On his avatar there was a pic (shown above) of the car itself which looked like to one at the shop. I showed him the shop car and he confirmed that was the one. He gave me a very brief history of the car, it was owned by Paul Goduti and was featured in the Toyota Performance Handbook published in 1990. It's the silver hatchback with the mesh wheels. So it's been a race car most of it's life. Truely, amazing the car has survived for this long. If only it can speak, and tell us of the many battles it has faced over the years.

It's been through a couple of owners since then, and now sits in hibernation waiting for the call to do battle once again.

Here's a video Scott duking it out in a Cal Club SCCA enduro race at Buttonwillow in 2000.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Grid is Full

This weekend is a racer's weekend. 24hours of LeMons Lemans, Indianpolis 500, Formula 1 Monaco, Coca Cola 600 for all you Nascar fiends and yes I am one of them. So let's drop our tools put the car on hiatus for the weekend and enjoy some good driving from the heroes we aspire to be. Unless you are one of them professionals gearing to do battle this weekend. Good luck to you.

For stream of Lemans click here it's in german so you better brush up. There is also english here its just podcast no video.

Formula 1 fans try here

Nascar fans should already know where to go if not try here

Only radio broadcast for indy here

Monday, May 19, 2008

Transmission Problems

T50 transmissions are weak links on Corollas producing lots of power. It's not uncommon for drivers and teams to carry a spare transmission. Since drifting, a Corolla, requires mucho clutch kicks for that gangster initiation and to maintain the drift. With that style of driving, it's just a matter of time before the transmission will give out. And as luck would have it, my transmission has been added to that statistic. Well it actually happened a while back when I competed in the Pro-am qualifier last year. Luckily I had a spare at home the car wasn't down for long.
I decided it was time to repair the transmission since it already had new parts, so I ordered parts from Herb at Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. Luckily, the parts are available the last few parts I needed were still available and I was able to repair the transmission to be a back up. According to Herb, these parts the last ones available in North America and he's not sure if there will be anymore made or sent over.

The counter shaft no. 3 gear teeth is completely sheared off.
This is where all the teeth ended up.

The transmission itself was previously rebuilt, so I didn't want to let it go to waste. So i bought some replacement parts at Cabe Toyota, go talk to Herb he's knows his stuff when it comes to Corollas.

After cleaning up the parts of all debris and metal shavings, everything was assembled, sealed, and ready to go. Yeah the case looks like crap, but it's what is on the inside that counts.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Striking resemblance

With China coming out with cars that have a uncanny resemblance to some upscale manufacturers cars, i began thinking of early japanese cars that share some features with other manufacturers. I'm not saying they're going to be exact copies, but I just see some resemblance between the models. You may or may not agree but i'll let you be the judge .
Early Nissan Skyline and Dodge Coronet Superbee, not exactly the same but the headlight surrounds have some resemblance. Japan muscle of the day meet U.S. muscle.

Another model Nissan Skyline and Dodge Challenger R/T. The front doesn't have that much of a resemblance, but it's sunk in head lights are what I see. If the center was blacked out I would definitely consider it a little more resemblance.
1st generation Toyota Celica and 67 Ghia. The front ends on these 2 cars definitely have an uncanny resemblance.

I know there's more cars that share design characteristics, i'll post others as I come across them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tragedy @ LeMons

I just found out that a fatality has occured at 24 Hours of LeMons @ Altamont Race track. A driver in the Gulf scheme Volvo 242 pictured above has been killed during the race. Reports are still coming in on exactly what happened. But our hearts and prayers go out to the team and families participating in the event.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Old Pig Ain't Runnin'

Say that to a diehard Mopar fan and you may as well give me the keys to the car, cause you ain't coming back. Especially if you're in Van Nuys for the 22nd Annual Spring Fling. Even though i've owned my fair share of imports, I do have an appreciation with the american domestics, especially 60's and 70's muscle from Chrysler. From Cornets to 'Cudas, Superbees to Superbirds, they produced some of the sickest cars to ever roll from Detroit. With powerplants like the 426 Hemi and 440 Six Pack under the hood who can't love'em. Enough rambling let's take a tour.

The only rat rod I saw at the show.

AAR 'Cuda.
This is what Dodge should have based their current Charger. Not that four door passenger car.

70's Challenger looks similar to the new one. I've always favored the Challengers over the Cudas.

The swap meet itself was huge. From reproductions to rare odd pieces just about everything can be found here.

Dodge Dart Swinger, small lightweight car, just drop in a big motor and you have very good candidate for a killer drag car.

Never too young to be an enthusiast. While cruising for photos, the father was asking his son what year a vehicle was and the boy got it correct. Now that's a Mopar family.

Super Bee very simple, very cool.

The 60's were already strange enough, and Dodge offered these psychadelic tops. Known as Mod Tops they were optional vinyl tops for your Dodge/ Plymouth vehicle.

Charger Daytona Dodge's answer to Chevy and Ford during it's early racing days in NASCAR.

AMC Pacer in a sea Dodges. I don't have the slightest idea why they're here, i'll need to be schooled on this. I also came across a Javelin AMX.

Yes even there was even love for DUB crowd. Since that's not my taste here's the only pic I took. Lambo door, big wheel, and big sound. Go big or go home.

Touted as the biggest Mopar show west of the Mississippi. I assure you it was quite big. It's something for any car enthusiast or fans of Chrysler products must visit.

For more pics click here

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you remember Toyota?

This past weekend was the 13th Annual Toyota Fest held at Veterans Stadium in sunny Long Beach. This year was different for me, rather than spectate this year, I decided to show off the beast this year. So the past few days i've been changing the car to be show worthy. Well at least presentable. No primer spots or broken bumper today.

Paint in progress
Added JDM Wise Square crystal tail lights. No it didn't come with a bowl of rice.
Cleaned up the wheels by Boyd. You make the slickest set of wheels for my Corolla.RIP
Unfortunately, I couldn't finish off my wiring to show hella dope electrical skills.

Enough of that and back to the show itself representing Toyotas new and old.

From youth market Scion

To the luxury driven Lexus.

A very rare Toyopet Crown.

2 roadsters were on display. One built by a privateer using pretty much all Toyota parts. The 2nd built by Toyota using what looks to be a V8 from their NASCAR program. Both are very well constructed and simply amazing. I could spend hours going over these vehicles.

Toyota displayed a few of their race cars.

This year they paid homage to the Corolla and the Landcruiser. Which have been Toyotas longest running models since the beginning of Toyota's quest for world automotive dominance.

Real deal RHD JZA70 and U.S. spec JZA80, well kept by Brian 'Good Lookin' U.

The reason why I didn't win was Andy sabotaged me. Damn you. But WTH is that orange AE92 doing in the AE86 section?

Old is good as long as you keep them clean like these 3 fine examples.

A never imported Soarer precursorto the Lexus SC300. This one is equipped with the anemic 1GGTE engine. Though last I saw, it was equipped with a slushbox. Now it sports a 5 speed transmission.

Vans need recognition too.

Each year the show is growing, from it's humble beginnings, at the Queen Mary parking lot, to the stadium parking lot in Long Beach. It's great to see the enthusiasm for Toyotas is growing. As these cars get older, rest assured there we'll be a Toyota nut who is willing to keep these rolling pieces of history alive for the next generation to appreciate.

For more pics click here.

I didn't take as many pics cause I split my time between this and the Spring Fling 22.

More on this soon