Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need more clearance

As I continue this saga of rebuilding the car. It's about time I reworked the lower down pipe. Once thing that didn't fly was my placement of the flex pipe. Being it's o.d. is about 4in. and it sat under the the driver floor, I 've had some serious clearance issues. 2.5in seems to be the limit of piping diameter before it protrudes from the frame rails. So after about 4 years it was about time to rework it a bit.

Here's the the original design.

This time around i moved the flex pipe where the catalytic converter was originally located. This will provide enough room for me to tuck the flex pipe closer to the car and to provide some need ground clearance.

Wrapped the pipe in some header wrap to keep heat from my feet. I found using some safety wire helps keep the wrap secure. Cheaper than buying the clamps from Summit.

I'll have to complete the rest of the piping next weekend.
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