Saturday, March 21, 2009


As I get freaking old, I have more appreciation and respect for rare automobiles. It's sad when I find fanboys tear up cars that, in time, will gain nostalgic status. Browsing through ebay I found this rare R33 LM edition Skyline GTR. What's sad is that the previous owners turned it into a silly showcar. They're now tired of it and want to sell, typical of a show car owner. Adding insult into injury, they've stripped much of the car into a rolling shell. Not much of a collector anymore unless you just want it for the name. I just find it sad that a car like this ends being the poster child for HIN and ebay. Rather than battling it on track against it's natural foes, putting foot to ass and taking names.

If you wanna place your bid for a bit of GTR history or at least what's left of it, please visit ebay.

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