Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For reference

From left to right: Factory, TRD, Cusco

A friend who works at the parts department at the Toyota dealership gets an order for a TRD LSD rebuild kit. A few days later he gets a call from the customer and says that he was sent the wrong kit. Knowing my friend, he is the bible when it comes to AE86 parts. Rechecks and confirms he sent the right parts. He requests a picture of the differential. He looks at the differential and verifies it as stock LSD and not TRD. So not to put my friend agony and probably any other Toyota parts guy any agony, here's a pic the clutch disc you'll know that TRD discs will not fit in stock housing. I added a picture of Cusco lsd plates just to show that Cusco>TRD.

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