Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grand Prix du Canada

Well after a lag from my Canada posts, let's take a look at the Formula 1 event itself the reason why I even bother going to Canada. Thank god it wasn't raining that weekend. It was actually the very opposite. Hot and sunny with some humidity thrown in, which reminded of days when I used to live on the east coast.

He won the event.

I wish he won the event.

AMG wagon. This thing sounded so mean. I like it.

People with a lot of team spirit.

The brakes, they glow.

After the race was over, the track was open for visitors to roam around. The view from the driver's perspective was simply amazing.

The track was much bigger than I thought. Walking to the start finish line was so long, our seats was located at turn 10. Which is basically the other side of the track.

Team USA out to lend a hand to teams in need of help

Thanks for visiting. For the rest of the pics swing by here. Or if you hate racing but love Montreal like I do, go here.

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