Monday, June 7, 2010

Hella drift willow springs

When you don't wanna travel to the east coast to hang by the wall, or chill at a parking lot in venice beach california. What else is there to do. Well if have no life but lots of tires, then you'll find yourself at willow springs california. Where flush and drift join forces, schmoozing track officials with barely legals and a water bottle full of vodka.

The event was small numbered but full of corollas, with one token 240 guy.

The most Levins (and 1 faux) i've seen since in one event.

Even a TE72 reppin. And that is a girl showing off her skills.

It looked kinda pissed don't you think?

This duo was impressive the whole day. I hear their home course is Adams kart track, and it was their first time at the balcony. But they were driving like they owned the place. Keep it up!

Definitely alot of fun, even though it was a 100 deg. that day.

To enjoy the rest of the pics here.

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davee4korea said...

nice pictures. was wondering if u happen to get any pics wen my car caught on fire lol or my friend in the cress drifting.

Alex5 said...

thanks for the kind compliments. i didn't get the fire. i did get some of your friend but they didn't turn out good.

davee4korea said...

oh icic. thanks again alex