Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes. Friday is good

For Good Friday I had the day off. To take advantage of this rare weekday off, I headed in search of tools. Sure I probably could have assisted in helping a privateer in the Formula D event this weekend. But i'm semi retired from wrenching and nobody asked.

In a nondescript building in Huntington Beach, California, is a tool distributor known quietly selling Beta tools. Fortunate for me they just opened up the show room just a week ago. I can't say I have a tool fetish like some others, but I do own some rare tools that have some european heritage. This is where Beta comes in, it's the Snap On of europe and have supplied tools to

Formula One and MotoGP.

Here some stuff if you're a Ferrari owner and need tools to work on your prancing horse, cause you know will. But you probably take your car to Luigi anyways rather than work on it yourself.

Another thing that may tickle your fancy is that Beta is just a side business. The place is actually called California Hot Rod Shop. Their main business is of course high end hot rods. If you've seen the show Chop, Cut, Rebuild on Speed. Then you'll know of this shop. It's where they built the bonneville car. I was given a small tour of the shop and it is definitely a cool shop to see.

Finding the place is also very easy. As most racers know of Sube Sports, this place is right up the street from them.

And no the shop doesn't look like this. This was actually the shop up in Denver, Colorado. It's closed down and all operations are at the Huntington Beach facility.

For more information on Beta tools USA please take a look at the site. For the Italian site click here

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