Thursday, April 9, 2009

Supras Invade.... Irvine???

It's been a while hasn't it. So busy with little things that I haven't had much time to do this. So many things coming up and also due (taxes). Soon it will be over and i'll have a bit more time.

During the Spring, Supras and their owners from all over so cal converge in a quite Irvine park for an annual meet/bbq. I was fortunate enough to be invited to this annual event by Supra fanatic and good friend Brian U. He even let me borrow his ultra cool wide angle equipped Canon. Thanks dood.

We were there very early, so we had to wait for the others. Ironically we're both filipino and on time, whereas everyone else wasn't filipino and they were friggin' late. Has hell frozen over and we haven't heard about it, cause i didn't see any pigs flying.

Once everyone showed up, it was on. The supra crowd really knew how to put on a bbq. they're rocking steaks and kabobs the whole day. It was delicious!

Of course the parking lot was full of Supras mainly A70 and A80 variety and sprinkle of A60. There's no love for the A40.

This car takes top honors in my book. RA65 Celica ragtop, this thing was hella sexy. No other car came close to what this car had.

Check out the SSR Formula Mesh.

There was even an early Datsun 240z lurking in parking spot away from the Supras.

Definitely a great day met alot of people, even a team that participated in the 24 hours of lemons with an A70 Supra. I'm sure we'll be meeting them in battle for the Buttonwillow event. But I can confidently say that no one will defeat the Swedish meat ball.

For a few more photos click here

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