Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Z Nationals

Another year and the show scene has begun, which is all about the old school steel for me. No HI sin for this guy. The year starts off with the Motorsport Auto Z nationals. Held at the Irvine Valley park. This year seemed to be a bit smaller, at least from my perspective.

It's usually the same suspects each year, but there's always something interesting.

Old school HKS exhaust on a Z32

Not really rare, Corvette powered Z

When asians think of a mural for their trunk they think of South Park???

Real wood interior

She may give you wood

Outside the show area, was a group of RC enthusiasts flying their helicopters. The skills displayed was amazing and it was nothing i've never seen before. Time for a new hobby?
The show wasn't as great as past events, probably due to economy? Doubt it, hopefully next year will be a much better turn out.

For more pics of the event click here

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