Monday, April 27, 2009

Pomona Swap Meet

The Pomona Swap meet and car show is a staple for many Southern California gearheads. From Porsches, Hot rods and everything in between they do have. I've been living in So Cal for many years, i've never been here. This weekend my curiosity got the best of me and finally decided to check it out

Here's what to expect when you visit:

Porsches for sale

Hot Rods too


When shopping, the weapon of choice is the Radio Flyer to carry the goods. This one sports the hot rod look, very cool.

You may think this place doesn't have anything for the Japanese steel aficionados. Here I spot a set of lights and grill for a TE Corolla.

There were a few Japanese cars on hand too, like this Honda and Toyota.

Most of you think 4 throttle bodies is cool, then 8 must be orgasmic.

I wonder why I've never been here earlier. Oh yeah it costs money. Parking cost $9 and entry to the event was $8. It may be expensive, but for the gearhead it's one of those things you gotta check out sometime in your life. You never know what you may find. I wasn't even able to go through the whole show. So i'll definitely be back.

But I wanted to attend this show, which was happening at the same time.

For the rest of the pics from Pomona click here.

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