Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Alto

Alto, if you're a Macross Frontier fan then you'd probably be thinking Alto Saotome. Yeah, i'm a big Macross and Robotech fan, but that's a story for another blog another time. But for the Japan car nut, think cars. Think Suzuki, some of you may already be thinking 'I thought they made motorcycles?' If you're from a different country then some of you are probably familiar with this model.

A while back I was able to take a ride in a Suzuki Alto. I never heard of such a vehicle until that day. Reason being is that it's a car that is not sold for U.S. consumption. Powered by a 3 cylinder, yes 3. Which equates to 1.0 liter of madness. This would have a been a big seller during last summers gas crunch. With 7 a gallon tank, it can take you ~250miles according to its driver. But i'll let you do the

You may think it must be slower than molasses in the middle of winter. But in acutality it's not bad at all. Due to the really thin sheet metal making this car really light. With that a weaker chassis and vibration is evident. The size of Alto is slight larger than a Smart car because it's got 2 extra doors. If it were up to my I'd have a special edition built for the canyon circuit enthusiasts.

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