Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project Volvo #6: Valentine's Day Plunder

A beautiful day to work on cars, at least get some stuff done before the rain storm decides to hamper the weekend. Even Naoki K. agreed, delaying Valentine's day to swing by and work on the Doom Wagon. I myself haven't really worked on the Volvo much after I got it running but it seems to be falling apart on it's own. So let's begin the plunder of Swedish engineering.

When the car first arrived I didn't find any cool guns or drug paraphenalia, but then again I never really dug deep inside the car. This time there was bunch of interesting crap that was found here and there. Let's look at what the former owner was like.

We know the previous owner loved Sam Adams and Bass. I hope not while driving, that's not very safe. It's also illegal.

He also loved french fries and

horse racing. Maybe at the same time but who knows. Though there is a note with a pin number. Maybe to a million dollar account?

He was even an audiophile, equipping the vehicle with some Pioneer speakers. I decided to excercise the finders keepers rule. More on these babies later.

One thing I liked about the car is how quiet and solid car feels. I guess the 3 layers of sound deadening will do it.

Valentines Day at Taco BellImage by thezeras via Flickr

He also was a great believer of good personal hygiene.

In the end about .53 cents was recovered. Sounds like it's time for some 39 cent taco at Taco Bell. mmm delicious.
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