Sunday, February 15, 2009

AE86 Tip #5: Head Bolts

During my occasional ventures into the garage where abnormal things seem to come together. One thing I've happen to come across is using 20V head bolts into 16V. I don't know if this blasphemy or just me being cheap.

Here's a pic of 4AG head bolts.

As you notice the 20V is a tad thicker than the 16V counter. Does this mean stronger? Unfortunately I do not have ARP bolt for comparison.

I tried to fit it into the engine but they were too long. To make fit engine correctly, it must cut down to correct size. Don't know if it's even worth to try, since 20V head bolts are available only in markets where 20v engines are offered. It's probably easier to just use ARP bolts since they are readily available.

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