Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grip Day 2: Almost but not quite

A very wet saturday was supposed to be the Drift Associations 1st Grip Day event at Horsethief Mile located inside Willow Springs Raceway. If you like short courses, or touge style track then this track is for you. I've been 2 months without driving an event so it's about time I got my fix. Unfortunately it was cancelled due people flaking because of the wet weather. Since I was there, I took advantage of the situation and took a couple of snaps. You know I need to get my $10.00 worth.

For the few core drivers that stuck it out, the balcony was open for drivers. For a fee, they were able to burn up tires any way they please.

I did spot what looks like Tanner Foust driving a Toyota Supra on Streets, another one of my favorite tracks or maybe it's just his helmet. A jack of all trades when it comes to driving. From what I hear, he'll be driving a RWD Scion TC this season of drifting.

A Ford GT 40 adored in Gulf colors was romping at the big track. It looked very at home on this track. I heard that it even decided to go off course and get some air. That must hurt, kudos for it's owner bringing it out in the less than ideal conditions to stretch it's legs.

There was at least one Corolla keeping the spirit alive.

Oh and this one too. People need to get their weekend fix not matter what they drive.

During the course of the day it just got really cold and I decided to call it a day.

And I ran into this cloud full of water. It was a tad wild on the way home.

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