Monday, February 2, 2009

Barrel of worms

Not just a bucket. I worked on the car this weekend, and it seems that the more i'm taking it all apart, the more stuff I find all dicked up. Just adding to the work load on top of all the other stuff I still need to fix.

Tension rod slightly bent. Luckily I had a spare one to compare or else i'd probably still use it.

I'm not a body guy so don't even try to criticize my work. I just need to get this thing together. But it doesn't look too bad don't you think? Still more pounding required, need to find a bigger sledge hammer.

Unfortunately, the spare strut housing is the wrong side, now i gotta look for another one. Even the one Steve c. had was wrong. This is not going as planned.

But here's the kicker, the shaft on the Koni shock is tweaked near the threads. Since Koni's are not cheap, just sucks I may have to write this one off. I wonder if I can get it repaired, or even if it's worth getting repaired.

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Umai Kakudo said...

Most Konis can be repaired. You pay shipping, the standard rebuild fee, and the cost of the part.

If the shock body is not damaged and only the piston rod has to be replaced it should cost less than a new damper.

Give Koni a call and they'll tell you the best way to go.