Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something old Something new

I had a 1st generation Supra, Celica XX to the JDM geeks, rear end taking up space in the garage.  So rather than continue to trip over it, I decide to off it.  Just my luck, Darwin had a FRP hatch and was willing to trade.  Though it took about a few months to go through with the  transaction, it's was worth the wait.

Just picked it up.  The box didn't fit in my truck so i just took the hatch, which fit. Not really pictured, I got the hatch that doesn't include TRD spoiler. 

I don't really like the spoiler that much and all the fanboys have them.  I'll either leave as is for that SR5 look or i'll probably install some big ass GT wing.

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Steve said...

Don't you steal my big wing look you bastard. I'll cut you.

Alex5 said...

You and your fanboy wing need to go back in your hole.