Monday, September 8, 2008

ae86 Tech #86-3: Oil

Oil prices going up and me being the cheap bastard. I need to find ways to extract as much oil from the bottles that I use. Here's a couple of tips that I have picked up.

If it's a hot day, especially if you live in the desert communities. Let the oil bottle sit out for a little while to warm it up. This helps the oil flow out of the bottle faster.

If you're in an area where it'll never get hot, then never mind the first one and do this. Get a bucket full of hot water, but don't fill up to where it submerses the bottle, drop the oil bottle into the bucket. Makes sure the oil bottle in capped, you don't want water seeping into the bottle. Let the bottle sit for a few minutes to warm up. Then pour when ready.

There's also products that empty out residual oil from the oil bottles. Like this piece from Hansen Global Inc.

Rather than getting the little quart bottles of oil, get the larger bottles. One larger bottle is enough for one 4AGE oil change. Once you go through the bottles there's always some residual oil left over. There's more residuals in 4 quart bottles and than in the gallon jug. It's also convenient to put all the old oil in once the bottle is empty.

Please remember to dispose of any used oil at a recycling drop off.

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