Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caterham 7

Last week, I assisted good friend Geoff in picking up his newest toy, Caterham 7. Well I let him use the trailer and insisted that I inspect the car. I've been a fan of the car for a few years already and hoping someday when funds are good that I can pick up a car like this.

The car itself was located in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where alot of filming for TV and movies take place. I found it very awkward, since the warehouse was very nondescript building I never would thought of picking up a car here. It was used in a pilot t.v. program and since filming was finished they needed to offload the car.

Here's a sample of one of the cars that being used for tv show. Diesel powered Jaguar, it's in the process of installation

Chevy truck, looks like '57, powered by electricity dropped with air bags. The picture sucks, but it looks bad ass in person.

With the car came a bunch of spare parts. Geoff made off pretty well.

Loaded up and ready to go. For the price, Geoff came out on top. Hopefully he can get the paper and get it tuned up quickly, so I can take it for a spin.

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