Friday, July 27, 2012

Road Trip 07/12: Seattle Day 5

The day of reckoning has arrived.  With the car running good and Taka qualifying in the top 32 the stage is set for some interesting competition or controversy.  It seems I was wondering what was going on during competition rather than enjoying it.  But at least monsoon season is over and the track was greeted by the sun.

You know she really loves you when she polishes your wheels.

The car show area was packed cars.  This is all you get.

The venue is very pet friendly.  Just keep your animal in check and don't pee on the wheels.

I don't know if they keep record of this, but this was one of the longest judgement decision I had to sit through.  Made me think, was Falken waving a whole bunch of money in the judges faces or a baseball bat ready to crack some skulls if the judgement didn't swing their way.  In the end the black RX7 made it to the next round

This run with Ken brought out 2 things I didn't know about (now you know how much I lag in keeping up with this stuff), the authentic drag style start, with lights and the whole shebang.  There was also a false start rule that is incorporated at the start.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems a bit redundant, don't you think, since the cars needed to be in proximity of each other by the time they to the pace cone.  If anything bring back the flag waving girl.

Probably the nasty crash of the day is when Robbie got sucked into the wall.

Poor Taka didn't make it past top 32.  Defeated by the Nissan of Matt.  But on the bright side, he did save a lot of time by having a filipino and mexican disassemble and reassemble the car in one night, and make the competition the following day.

In between rounds I had a refreshing can of coffee.  It was quite delicious, especially under the hot sun.

According to the announcer, this was a Formula D first.  Do overs are allowed as long as your appeal convinces the judges.  Which so happened in the with the Toshi and Tony battle.  Even though Toshi was handed the win, the Scion team made their appeal with a big bat (just kidding) that the run was ruled invalid or something I'm not sure, but they were required to do the run over again.  But the results ended up the same and Toshi was handed the win (again).  I have a feeling if these rules continue we may have longer drama filled drift events, because teams will be filing complaints and appeals left and right.  Sounds like the Los Angeles county court system. 

I didn't catch the later half of the event, but I hear these was more controversy.  I did observe, from a distance, the last round with Vaughn and Ryan.  I must admit that was probably the craziest runs ever performed.  Congratulations to Vaughn for the kick ass victory.  Sorry no pics.

But I did come up with something better.  Meet spokesperson Erica (i think??), sporting 326Power gear.  If you look at her wrong she'll probably punch you in the face.

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