Monday, July 2, 2012

Anime Expo 2012

Even though Anime Expo caters to the newer types of anime, I grew up on Tranzor Z and Robotech.  I still support it and I still love going here and its quite fun.  I was bummed when I had to miss last year so I made a last minute decision to make the trek to downtown Los Angeles for the 2012 event.

With the X games going on nearby, traffic was really horrible.  Lots of streets were blocked off so navigate difficult unless you were a familiar with the area.  When I got to the pre registration line, the line was quite long, but in actuality it was moving very quickly and got into the venue about 15 min.

I can't say i'm disappointed when I come here, since it's always fun watching the 2d characters come to life in 3d by the hardwork of these cosplayers.  And definitely these cosplayers really put effort into their craft, like this 3d Jessica Rabbit.  Definitely smashing.

Lots of stuff for sale as usual, more fur than I used to see.  Must be the new in thing.  I wonder if PETA is going to throw a hissy fit if they see something like this for sale.

All sorts of characters were in the house from




 Oh hell yeah!

 Spidey who got a beat down.

After exhausting myself from loadsof walking, I was very famished and need some nourishment.  Definitely wasn't going to eat at the convention center.  So the last stop was Salo Salo for some delicious crispy pata.  What a way to close the day.

There's a few more pic here.
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