Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AE86 Tech #86-27: GZE hot

Water line is rerouted and sent directly to the radiator.
Plumbing of a 4AGZE is not only the air charge pipes.  The cooling system must also be considered when designing and completing the GZE project.  Quite a few projects i've come across have always eliminated the use of a thermostat.  Since the original spot for the thermostat for the RWD 4AG is now occupied by the SC12 supercharger.  Well let's fix that.

For my SC builds that use stock computers, I try to use as much stock parts to make the factory brain think it's still in a FWD chassis but going in reverse.  Same goes for the cooling system.  Reason being for me doing this is to make the engine run at optimum temperature.  Sure keeping cool as all good, but if the computer thinks the engine is running too cool then it just dumps extra fuel.  Which isn't good for the engine or your fuel mileage.  But there are a bunch of other factors, let's just say that engine efficiency is much better when it's hot.

 All the FWD and mid engine (MR2) 4AG engines have a separate housing for the thermostat. Luckily these parts are abundant at the yards and eBay.  Installing is usually much much easier when the engine is out of the car, but can be done on the car.  It's just a tad more difficult, you'll probably curse for a bit, but you'll be happy with the results.

Since working with the housing on the car, installation is compromised.  Only able to fit one bracket to mount the housing.  If the engine is out of the car, there would be more flexibility to make a more solid mount.  But this will be fine where it currently resides.  Also shown above is the housing neck is turned 180 degrees.  If this isn't done, the neck will point directly at your frame rail.

Start attaching all your water lines.  Just make sure you get the correct ones.  It's even got all the outlets for heater, so you won't freeze your bum off cause you had them blocked off.

As much as you like home depot, like I do.  Let's keep some of the parts used there to a minimum.  Yes it works really well and is very bulletproof.  But it's kinda like a wart and is very unsightly.  So out you go.

Now that's all done, add water and fire it up.  The temperature should now be at optimum operating temperature.
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