Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip 07/12: Seattle Day 3

Last episode, taka's car was feeling a little pooped.  After some discussion that night with Taka and crew chief Dan, it was agreed to pull the head.  Went to bed pretty late, but I still woke up at 6 a.m. (i'm still on the work bio clock).  While everyone was still sleeping I headed down for my continental breakfast of waffles, yogurt and coffee (this was the norm for the whole week.). 

This gave me some time to think about Taka's motor.  I'm not very familiar with the 2AZ-FE power plant, I wanted to have some sort of plan of invade and conquer.  But in a more methodical manner.  No gung ho for this particular engine.  It costs way too much to be manhandled.   More discussions came up with more questions than answers.

But since there was a contract between the engine builder and Taka, there was a bit of red tape to go through before we can even touch the motor.  I must say it was very frustrating.  So lots of calls were made, and a lot of waiting.

But rather than sitting around and waiting, I took the liberty and cruised the pit areas to check out the other cars.

Toyota Cresta JZX81 powered by LS V8.  It sounds very menacing.  But it really suits it well.

Mazda Miata powered by another V8, probably a LS motor.

Looking ready for the fierce competition ahead.

The track itself looked like a construction zone, but it's actually a motocross track in the infield.  Maybe in a few years, drifting will progress into adding jumps into the mix.

Later in the afternoon, the permission was given to pull the cylinder head.  Armed with tools, coffee and a pack of cigarettes, Taka and Dan began to get crackin' on the engine removal.  I assisted best I could.

There was alot of stuff that needed to be removed.  After about an hour the engine was removed.  The area were in was pretty dusty, so the engine was placed inside the trailer.

The components of the 2AZ-FE engine.  What secrets lurk inside this mysterious engine. As the team waited the for the cylinder head gasket from the Toyota dealer.  Yes they did have one in stock. 

Hours later with the engine finally assembled and dropped by into the AE86 engine bay.  It fired without a hitch a little after midnight.  After a brief warm up, we had to cut the engine since there was a noise curfew and we were way beyond the curfew.  So the real test will begin the next day.

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