Saturday, July 28, 2012

Road Trip 07/12: Last one I promise.

Well it was a very interesting pseudo vacation.  Had my last meal of waffles, coffee and yogurt.  Watched Formula 1 Germany on the large flat screen.  Then headed out to the track to pick up the trailer so we can make our way back to Southern California.  Even after the Formula D event was over on saturday, the locals held an event on Sunday.  I tell you drifting is in their blood.

Came across an enthusiastic local with a V8 powered AE86. I'm sure some of you "purists" would call this sacrilegious but for what it's worth he did use a Lexus V8.

A chap who's a bit older than me, is a panel beater/ painter by trade did all the work himself.  He did a spot on job. 

The engine install was very tidy all around, from a visual inspection it did look like it sat a bit forward.  I wonder how it would measure on a corner balance.  According to it's owner the engine itself is not much heavier.  Remember this is an aluminum block engine.

But it did sound quite menacing when he fired up the engine.  Add 2 turbos and you'll have an insanely wicked AE86.

As this trip comes to a close I realized a few things:
Beware of old japanese man telling to go on a trip with him and promising endless continental breakfasts and denny's (which were both kept)
Beware of old japanese man with a flying 86 (probably an accomplice of previously mentioned man) and his trusty mexican side kick.  When you arrive the car will mysteriously break down and you'll feel sorry and spend you vacation helping to fix it.
Driving to the pacific northwest is hella far.  Next time i'll take a plane.

But all jokes aside, just want to thank Team Megan for putting up with me and making this a quite memorable trip.  Kado racing team for putting out some delicious eats.  Bob at drift office for providing Seattle hospitality.  Formula D for putting on a show that always leaves me both confused and entertained.
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