Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip 07/12: Seattle Day 4

For some reason I feel like I'm at work, but in another universe, I woke up early and got my usual.  Waited for the rest of the gang to roll out of bed and head out to the track.  Since yesterday's practice day was taken up by the engine repair, today's hour practice will be the only chance to see if all our efforts from the night before will be worth it.

The day welcomed us with a nice sprinkling of rain.  But for this California local, it was more of a monsoon.  Lakes had sprung up in many areas which made land crossings next to impossible.

Crew chief Dan went through the pre-flight checks and the car was give the go for some action.  Today would be a quick practice session and later on the qualification runs for the top 32 drivers.  Praying that everything holds together. 

With the main road to the staging area block, I took the long way by going through the paddock area.  Now that my services were no longer required, I could finally chill and enjoy my vacation. 

Monster anyone?  Still looks menacing even while parked.

The little engine that obliterates many tires.

The catch of the day.

Ryan Kado Racing having issues with their turbo setup that was hastily put together a few days ago, had to re plumb the system using materials from Home Depot.  The top manifold is completely pvc piped.  It actually performed very well and I have to commend the team for thinking out of the box and making it work well under the conditions brought upon them.

J Lowe with this lovely FC3S Mazda RX7.  A very simple looking car, compared to the other FD machines.  Kinda reminds of the clean white FC that competed in the early days of D1. 

Taka getting some practice time in before the qualifying round.  Car was looking very strong during practice.  And no hiccups from engine.

Yoshioka coming back from a good run.  I still like to seem him tear it up in the Droo-p AE86.

Even at Friday's practice/ qualifier, hardcore fans were lurking about and collecting anything drifting.  Stuffing it anywhere they can.

Next to the Team Megan pit was the Ryan Kado Racing team.  For the Kado team it's a family affair, besides providing nom noms the team members.  They were very generous and shared with the other teams parked next to them.  Mom Kado really hooked it up with a home cooked meal.

Congrats in making the top 32!

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