Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip 07/12: Seattle Day 1 & 2

Vacation time is something I rarely use to my benefit.  Mainly due to laziness.  I haven't really made an effort to actually plan a trip.  But since i'm not public union worker I can't be like a chipmunk and hoard my hours until i'm able to cash it out when it's time to retire.  Usually I just take one day to make a 3 day weekend.  But when Megan Racing graciously offered a ride to Formula D Seattle, how could I resist.

Since this road trip to Seattle took over 24 hours driving I consolidated both days to 1 post.  Met up with Naoki k. at the soon to be former Megan Racing HQ.

Later we met up with CX Racing team drivers Jeff J. and Mauricio O. at the Denny's parking lot.  Getting fueled up on waffles.

After being on the road for a ridiculous amount of hours, it was time for dinner.  So taking a the next off ramp we landed in Sacramento, Ca.  There was this spooky restaurant called the Rusty Duck.  It was closed unfortunately.  It looked very spooky, it must have been a great place to eat.  So the gang settled on eating at a BBQ joint next door called Sekou's.  It was o.k.

Pretty the whole trip was uneventful until we crossed the border into Oregon and Jeff's truck decided to make a stop due to a broken fuel pump.While they fixed the truck (i'm on vacation remember), I went and did some exploration of the sleepy little town of Canyonville, Oregon.

Even at 8a.m. on a work day there still wasn't anybody out.  Even when the CX racing team was making a big racket while fixing the tow truck.  Must be nice.

Entering Bellevue, Washington.

After being on the road for over 24 hours, we finally arrived at Evergreen Speedway a few miles outside of Seattle Washington.

Unfortunately Taka's car decided to go poo poo.  It was having a bit of a heating issue and water had seeped into cylinder #3.  Even though I was on vacation, I decided to dawn my super suit and spring into action.  Taka was a bit nervous that it maybe a cracked cylinder head.  After doing a bunch of tests it I had a feeling it was probably a head gasket, but either way, the cylinder head needed to come out.  But it was getting late and the team was tired and hungry.

Denny's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the hotel was next door to Denny's, we stopped by for some waffles.  Stay tuned for more drama next time.

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