Sunday, November 14, 2010

one fitty

Headed out to Fontana over the weekend to preview the 2011 Ford F150. I'm not really in the market for a new rig, at least not yet. But offering real performance test drives, not some drive around a neighborhood, how could I pass it up.

Trying out the different powertrains that were available, the Ecoboost engine was a real eye opener. The engine is a twin turbo V6 with direct injection, and you know I love my turbo! Using trailer weighing ~6600lb. felt like it was towing a set of Seadoos.  Coupled with the 6 speed transmission, was very smooth. I'm already falling in love with this combo.

At the make shift drag strip, the Ecoboost engine once again amazes me. It definitely has more juice than the 5.0 that was offered in the line up. Didn't try the 6.2, but I'm sure it'll put the smack down on the Ecoboost. But then again I don't think the 6.2 can pull off +20mpg.

Afterwards I came out looking at my own '01 thinking it maybe time for an upgrade.
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