Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AE86 Tech #86-19: Fuel line

Doing swaps on the ol' corolla can be done cheap and easy.  But there are times I cringe at the stuff that people tend to do.  Like this fuel line seen above.  Since Toyota's use banjo fittings for their fuel system.  Cutting and pasting would be the easiest way extend the fuel line.  This was found on the backup, and since I was planning to drive this thing, I couldn't let this thing go like this, something must be done.
It's very easy to extend lines and look good for the next meet, show, or what ever floats your boat.  First off cut the metal crimp, for best results use a cut off tool.  Make 2 cuts, one on each side.  Pry off the old crimp and cut off the old hose.

 Here's one of the fittings with hose removed and ready for the it's next lease on life.

Do the same for the other end and find the appropriate fuel line and assemble.  You should end up with something similar.  Looks much pretty don't you think.
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