Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keep the fire alive

When I first picked up the ol' corolla, one of the first things I learned about the car was having a spare igniter. You don't know when they go out, but when they do it'll leave it's owner stranded. It's really more random than common. I've never had that issue, though i've known fellow corolla owners who have had their igniters go out unexpectedly. Didn't matter if was racing or daily driven.
  So during my regular treks to the yard i'd always search for the 4AG igniters. But found that they were a hot commodity, so were always removed before I could get my paws on them.   But when I do find them i'm all over it.  I look at the rookies that get into these cars, and it seems they don't realize 25 years of service makes them indestructible.  So they're on getting TRD, JBlood, etc. building drift/spo com style cars, instead keeping basic maintenance up to date.  When brand new I think they're around $200.  I'd be making sure at least get a spare for insurance.  Now I hear they're discontinued.  Times are getting tougher
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