Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toyota Museum: Growing bigger and better

Made a visit to the Toyota Museum during a rainy weekend.  Last time I visited they were located in small unmarked warehouse.  This time they're in larger unmarked warehouse located next to Toyota corporate headquarters

The museum shows off vehicles from Toyota's long history in America.  So no RHD this or Trueno that.  I'm sure many JDM whores will be very disappointed.  But for the general Toyota aficionado this would be your cup of green tea

With the larger facility, more cars were on display. 

Especially from Toyota's racing efforts on American soil.

A row of celicas on display.  Celica was the first Toyota my family bought, similar to the black one in the center.  Traded in a 66 Ford Mustang.  Wish we still had the Mustang, but that Celica was plain bulletproof.

The trucks, tough as nails.

Can't forget the Corollas.

Respect 2000GT 007 would be proud.

It's open by appointment only, so if you need more info you can visit their site.

The rest of the photos are here.

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