Friday, November 26, 2010

One more battle

Doing final stuff before the grip day coming up this weekend.  Though I'll be dropping times on sunday, it's best to get everything that needs to be done today.  Since saturday may be a rainy day.

Swung by SR motorcars in the morning to get a dyno session, unfortunately the numbers tell a different story.  Low on power which was due to a well worn motor.  No matter, like a true warrior, it'll do battle one last time. 

Cleaned up and lubed the brakes, it's been out of action for quite some time.  Gotta make sure that it'll stop.  Hopefully the project mu brake pads and rotors are up to the task.

Can't forget the simplest of maintenance since half the battle is getting through tech inspection.  Make sure you got them batter posts covered.

To all battling it out on track this weekend, be safe and have fun out there.

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