Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grip Day 3: coming full circle

Well it's that time again for AE86 sports enthusiasts to gather in 24 degree weather in the morning at Rosamond, California for the annual Grip Day 3 (aka AE86 jamboree) where super boro to jccs clean and everything in between come out to play.

Oddly enough this was my first time participating in this event.  The first year I had injured myself with a concrete k rail at long beach so I was down for the count.  The next year, I was recovering from depression and really didn't participate in much motorsports like the previous year.  This year was a slow come back. But I wanted to make this epic event, so I borrowed a car.

There quite a few interesting heads that showed up to the event.

Mark E., formerly known as next door neighbor, brought out the former 24hour of lemons racer.  Planning for a repeat victory, he did a few more modifications on the car.  Unfortunately, the extra nitrous grenaded the motor in a cloud of smoke.  But he still was able to podium.

What's a grip day without the drifters, damn hooligans.

 This is pilun he cheats with a big wing and hoosier tires.

 AE92 corolla, very rare to see on track.  I used to have one of these.

With the sight of all the corollas doing what they do best, and the sound of 4A engines filling the air, I realize the corolla scene has come full circle by returning to the grassroots. 

But all this wouldn't be possible without the help.  Thanks to:

Naoki K. and drift association staff

Morgan M. (right) and AE86 night staff

 Until next year, here are the rest of the pics here.
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