Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grip Day 3: behind the pit wall

Wandering the pits cause i have nothing better to do in between rounds.

RSR chief brought a miata to run with the young-ins.  Even though i'm half way there, I wonder when I get that many gray hairs will I still be interested in motorsports?

Ladies, when you roll with the dog, you knowing how to change tires is a requirement.

Probably the coolest thing I saw all day.  Motorcycle carbed 8 valve engine.  As most usually scoff at doing anything with an 8 valve, such as myself.  One apple decided to fall off the tree and do it's own thing.  But how does it run?

Well I don't think he's having any problems with power.

Trying to get artsy with a lens I picked a few months ago and started using today.  I wanna be like them pros on speedhunters and motormavens.  Just need some more practice.
during the course of the day, an unfortunate mishap occured.  A S2000 lost it near the revamped chicane and went 4 wheels up.  And like rabid hyenas eyeing a dying animal, corolla owners mouths were watering at the chance of obtaining it's drivetrain.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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