Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rotor heads unite: Sevenstock 13

The annual gathering all things rotary at Mazda headquarters in Irvine, California.  Once again i'm here with no RX3 in hand.  Oh well maybe next time (yeah right).  As usual it's a pretty good show w/ lots of clean an interesting cars.

This always reminds me what i'm missing on my burger.

Here's an interesting concoction.  A hacked up Volkswagen with a shoe horned with a rotary engine.  Upon closer inspection, this people's car is converted from rear engine to front engine rear drive vehicle.  It looks to be a street legal vehicle also.  Who would sport such a thing?  I would with pride.
 Even saw a few Toyota corollas lurking around.

A rotary powered sleeper

And one who built these headers.

Gotta love TE37V

Ready to go home, oh man i was so tempted.

Weather was great that weekend, which made for a great show.
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