Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AE86 Tech# 86-19: Blown gasket

As AE86 gets older and the 4AG racks up the miles, maintenance becomes apart of the routine.  There will be a time when the headgasket will finally take a bow.  For most owners, you'll either do it yourself cause you like getting dirty or just don't have the funds to take it to a shop.  A small tip for you first timers planning to attempt a headgasket.  Take a look above. Do you know what wrong with this picture?  It's not because the block is grabber green. Some of you may have already picked up on it.  But for the green techs let's take a look at what's going on.  Upon closer inspection you'll see a few things that are off.
The opening for the oil drain is definitely in the wrong spot.  Also the edge of the gasket should be flush with the edge of the block.
Here's another look from the front of the block.  Notice the over lap of the gasket from the front of the block.  And yes that's one thick cylinder head gasket.
Since there's no markings on the head gasket directing which is top or bottom. As you saw in the very first picture, the gasket can fit either way.  So make sure all the holes line up.  Not just head bolts and the cylinder bores.
But if you come across a big oil spill on the drive way, after you just completed your cylinder head gasket change, you may have installed the head gasket the wrong way.
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