Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New flange

Since I had everything out, I wanted to get a nice turbo oil drain flange, cause I do like the bling. So went to my friend eBay, I was searching something similar, to what I currently have but shinier,and this is what I picked up. So I ordered it asap, I was in a rush to get the engine installed this weekend. Since they were local it shipped out quick and got it by Saturday. It's not super crazy quality, but also not a bad item. Wish I had my own CNC machine then I could design and make it all in house.

When I received the package, it was a bit thicker than I expected and was afraid of some fitment issues. Just needed to re clock the center section to clear. Notice how really close to the turbo exhaust inlet flange.

Here it is all thrown together. If you haven't noticed, this is an oil drain nipple from the 4AG small port head.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my engine in just yet, bummer.
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