Thursday, September 30, 2010

New plate


I've been running this booster eliminator plate for a few years already.  But running no booster was a very sketchy process.  It required more driver alot more input since the power assist has been eliminated.  There was a few things I could have done to rememdy this issue.  Do more power squats.  Change the master cylinder and/or brake calipers.  Or reposition the master cylinder.  I decided to reposition the master.

As you can see by the plate, it has extra openings since I was experimenting with the brake actuator rod position.  This was one of many plates I experimented with until I found the best positon that provided good pedal feel and provide the force required to stop the vehicle confidently.  But experimenting with what worked best created this gigantic hole that sits behind the down pipe.  It's good for those nice winter drives since it'll send heat my way.  But since i'm in socal, cold weather is short.

So I finally decided to make a plate to eliminate that hole.
Done.  Too bad summer is over.

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