Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scooter work

It's been some time since I've actually worked on my scooter. But I seem to have a renewed fondness for the scooter. Since I was actually prepping it as a pit bike for All Star Bash, I wanted to make sure it's running o.k. Being it's 25+ years old I'm sure I have to replace a whole bunch of stuff. But i'm not going to just need to get it going. Swung by the the Scooter Shop in Orange, Ca. Replaced these things called roller weights. For easy reference it's right across the street from Motorsport Auto, the Z gurus. Luckily these guys knew what I had and was able to find something for me.

The rollers were sitting on the shelves for so long that it has long lost it's packaging, this is how I got the parts. There seems to be different weights available. Lighter weights improves acceleration at the loss of top speed and heavier weights does the opposite. I've upgraded from 7.0 weights to 4.7, for better acceleration, hopefully it won't degrade the top speed much.

Never really tore apart the drive train on these things, but it's so easy I could do this stuff with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.

Here's what the old rollers look like, it's flat spotted which is a no no. Acceleration gets erratic as the scooter gets up to speed.

This is the clutch assembly, looks like shoes for drum brakes. The clutch itself seemed questionable also. The shoes and clutch bell are glazed which didn't look good at all.

Some sand paper to rough up the surface should do the trick.

While I was at it, might as well change the oil. Yes the Rotella even finds it's way to the scooter.

Results: It definitely has a noticeable pep in the acceleration department. I don't know if my top speed has improved since I didn't have a working speedo. But who cares it's a definitely improvement from $13.00 parts

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