Monday, August 3, 2009

A sin no corolla should face

I swung by the shop to continue my work with the old Corona wagon. There's always a corolla being worked on, but I usually don't pay much attention. But one car did catch my eye. It's kitted, decent paint, and nice radio. Something you'd see at a show or meet. It was getting a 4AG 20v dropped into the bay. What really gave me the shivers was the suspension. Here's a picture, and yes that is a wood block. It's looks like the springs were heated to lower it I guess it was dropped the car more than the owner liked, so he fixed it by shoving a wood block to even it out. I guess he's still a noob cause the first thing that should be done, for a corolla owner, is suspension and brakes. Remember power is nothing without control. Let's just pray he just takes this car to shows only.

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Anonymous said...

oh the fail, please enlighten this dude x.x