Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Las Vegas

Formula D Vegas, it's the first time i've been to Fd Vegas event. The last time I was here was when D1 had their events here. The course is different from the D1 event. It seemed a tad slower, but still exciting. My only gripe was the amount of one more times that were being thrown down. It just really sucked and just sucked up so much time. Even the audience seemed a bit fed up with the one more times. Don't get me wrong, i'm not challenging the judges since I know that they are drivers, not photographers/magazine editors, and have a better clue of what's going on than any internet drifters. Maybe some audience participation on whether to go one more time should be used.

I didn't too many pics since I was spectating in the grand stands.

Looks like Steve C. has made a new friend.

ITB's x8 Daijiro's Discount tire Lexus IS.

Motley Crue Mattly Crue out to support their boy Matt Powers.

Ryuji v. Tommy

Couple of snaps of Vegas before the event.

After a long day we headed out instead of staying the night. Since an Ultimate fighting championship was being held the same day traffic on Sunday would be terrible. Too bad the neighbor didn't take my warning seriously.

For the rest of the pics swing by here.

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